Here we are: the fifth edition of the FABBRI competition dedicated to the Professionals of the Bar has begun.
You can become your country’s Lady Amarena*
and enter the finals to win the LADY AMARENA 2019 title.
Then start thinking about your own personal recipe with the unmistakable taste of AMARENA FABBRI.

* This year, you could be Lady Amarena.

Create your DRINK using at least the following products:

Amarena Fabbri (fruit or syrup)

Fabbri Mixybar Amarena syrup

Bitter Marendry Fabbri

Remember that you can use up to 5 ingredients and offer alcoholic, non-alcoholic, coffee, tea or other ingredients.

the phases of the contest**

Online Registration

(may - june)**

Social Sharing

(may - september)**

Finalist selection in the individual participating countries

(june - july)**

Participation in the Local Final for the title of Local Lady Amarena

(june - july)**

Selection of three finalists
from the Rest of the World to go directly to the Grand Final in Italy


Participation in the Grand Final in Italy for the title of Lady Amarena 2019


* This year, you could be Lady Amarena.
Join now by selecting your region.

July 10th – Cyprus

July 3rd – Cluj

June 26th – Lagos

June 30th – Dubai

**Dates may vary according to the Region

past editions highlights

Lady Amarena • 5th Edition